Wazdan Review (2023) – Slots with cool bonus games and features!

Wazdan is a Malta-based casino game provider founded in 2010. The first slot game was released however a little later in 2012. The first HTML5 based game was published in 2015.

Provider holds licenses issued by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA), and Romanian National Gambling Office ONJN. They are also certified to offer games in New Jersey, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Colombia, Italy, Greece, Belarus. Wazdan has over 140 slot games in their selection.

Wazdan also states that their gaming platform and the IDQ Random Number Generator has been tested and approved by Gaming Labs International. GLI is an independent testing and analysis company that gives certificates for many fields of companies including iGaming businesses.

If you want to see the recommended Bitcoin Casinos with Wazdan slots – Click here to scroll down to the list. In most casinos Wazdan slots can also be played for free with play money. That is a good option to get to know the game better.

In general when I tested Wazdan slot games, I noticed that they all are very high quality. How they are different than other game providers? My feeling is that Wazdan slots are more realistic than others and they are not so comic-like than for example Booming Games slots.Also the bonus game structures are much more complicated than with other providers. But this is good that there are a lot of difference between casino game makers, as people have a different taste like in everything.

Wazdan Slot Game Features

Here are some features of Wazdan slot games. The player customization options are actually quite huge. Here are also the special modes and customizations explained.

Sticky to Infinity™

Your path to limitless wins! This feature adds variety to the gameplay. Special Scatter symbols stick to the reels until the Free Spins feature is triggered which increases the chance of activating the bonus round.

Collect to Infinity™

Collect to Infinity™ is a player-favorite feature that boosts engagement and prolongs gameplay. The Free Spins Collector symbol randomly appears during the base game and sticks to the reels until the Free Spins feature is triggered. This mystical symbol collects Scatters and once the Free Spins feature is activated, its value is added to the number of Free Spins won.

Cash Infinity™

The gameplay is enhanced with an inventive feature that amplifies and adds an unexpected element. When playing the base game, the Cash Infinity™ symbols boost the probability of triggering the bonus round, which awards winnings of diverse magnitudes.

Buy Feature

Not a big fan of waiting for your favorite bonuses to appear? With Wazdan’s Buy Feature, they will happen at your wish!

Gamble Feature

Want to double your win? Try your luck with Wazdan’s Unique Gamble Feature! You can do it up to 7 times!

Volatility Levels™

With Wazdan’s slots, you can enjoy the freedom of choice! Control your gameplay with three Volatility Levels™

Ultra Fast Mode

In a hurry for Big Wins? Choose Ultra Fast Mode and enjoy a rapid and exciting game!

Big Screen Mode

Enjoy the bigger picture with a larger reel view that fills the entire screen!

New Games Wazdan 2023

Moon of Fortune (June, 2023)

I enjoy the nocturnal setting of Moon of Fortune and maybe Wazdan should have called it Mood of Fortune. I know, I know, you’re welcome. Anyway, the colors are popping and the symbols are big, making it very appealing to play.

RTP: 96.12%
Multiplier: 1,500x

Increase the Chance Level

The first thing I did was to turn up the speed to the cheetah, because I prefer not wasting a lot of time waiting for the reels to actually spin. My second move was on the Chance Level meter on the left. I opted for the 2x increase, even though it doubled my bet. You can go as high as 6x which is a pretty sweet deal.

Sticky to Infinity

You can score both a Mystery and a Rabbit Mystery Symbol that can appear randomly as you play. They will stick around and can therefor help you get to the bonus round.

Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game

Obviously the goal here is to make it to the bonus game and it seems to be a lot easier than you might think. It takes 6 coin symbols to open the gates. I was actually granted access multiple times, which I enjoyed. The Mystery Symbols are very much a part of the bonus game as well and there are also 4 Jackpots in the mix.


I had a good time playing Moon of Fortune and I can definitely see myself going back for more. The game is visually appealing and being able to visit and revisit the bonus round quite frequently made it extra fun. If you feel like you’re on a hot streak then let me remind you of the gamble option after each win. It’s an easy way to double your money and taking your winnings to another level.

9 Coins Grand Platinum Edition (May, 2023)

Wazdan goes Platinum, baby! That’s right, the 9 Coins Grand Platinum Edition gives us a bit of a different look even though the basics are the same. Instead of the normal 4×4 reel setup, this one is only 3×3 but to my surprise – it works!

RTP: 96.04%
Multiplier: 2,500x

Cash Out and Cash Infinity

One of the features that’s different from other game is the Cash Out. If the label shows up on any symbol, it can stick around for as long as 15 spins. If you land a bonus symbol when the counter reaches 0, you will get paid right there and then.

There’s also the Cash Infinity that is nice enough to stay with you all the way to the end of the bonus round. It can give you a 5x-15x multiplier.

Welcome to the Bonus Game

In order to trigger the Bonus Game, you don’t need to worry about landing 6 symbols as that would be too much. This time, your challenge is to line up 3 symbols across the middle to trigger it.

Landing a Jackpot symbol is always fun but it’s not quite the same rush when it says €1. Still, a Jackpot is a Jackpot, right? If you can fill up the grid and score the Grand Jackpot, you are looking at a nice 2,500x payout.


I really like this different twist to a classic Wazdan game. The Bonus Game is as exciting as it can be on the very compact playing surface, so kudos for that. Another thing I really like was the fact that besides the Cash Infinity symbol, there are also the Collector, Mystery and Jackpot Mystery symbols. You can’t get enough excitement and all of them do add plenty of it.

9 Coins Grand Platinum Edition is a lot more fun that I expected and I respect that.

15 Coins – (May, 2023)

Rockin’ the same features as most of the other Hold the Jackpot games doesn’t make 15 Coins any worse. It grabs your attention from the very beginning with its appealing grid. The Chance Level, Bonus Buy etc are all waiting to help you succeed.

RTP: 96.07%
Multiplier: 1,000x

Enter the Bonus Game

You won’t find any regular symbols in the base game and the fact is, prizes can only be won in the bonus game. This time, in order to trigger it, you’ll have to land 5 bonus symbols across the middle row. It sounds tougher than it sounds, thankfully, but it still needs to be done if you are going to have a shot at the Jackpots and the big wins.


All of Wazdans games look great but I still reacted to the cool graphics in this one, especially when you fill out the bonus grid. I almost managed to pull off the Grand Jackpot and the 1,000x payout, but I was one symbol short.

The gold completely takes over and blinds you, but in a positive way of course. Cash Infinity, Mystery, Jackpot Mystery, they are all here waiting for you.

15 Coins is another great release and not that it needs it, but I give it my blessing.

Hot Slot 777 Coins (April, 2023)

Whenever you go back to fruit symbols I tend to take a step back because I’m not really a fan of the the old school games. That is something that threw me off at first glance of Hot Slot 777 Coins. If there’s anything else, you’re about to find out.

RTP: 96.16%
Paylines: 20
Multiplier: 635x

No Bonus Game

Ok, to be fair, there are coins coming in and out as well to mix things up, which does help the situation somewhat. Considering Hot Slot 777 Coins doesn’t have a bonus game, it makes sense.

Get Your Cash Out Symbol

What do you mean no bonus game? Yes, there’s no bonus game but there are still Jackpots to be won so the game isn’t a complete lost cause, but let’s take a look at the Cash Out feature first.

When the golden safe Cash Out symbol comes in, it will accumulate all other cash symbols on the screen. If there’s a Jackpot, it will also be included.

Multiple Jackpots

So how do you win a Jackpot if there’s no bonus game? Easy, all you have to do is land 6 or more cash symbols.

  • 9 Cash Symbols – Grand Jackpot 500x
  • 8 Cash Symbols – Grand Jackpot 150x
  • 7 Cash Symbols – Grand Jackpot 50x
  • 6 Cash Symbols – Grand Jackpot 20x


Hot Slot 777 Coins is a pretty basic game and not as exciting as the others if you ask me. It does come alive however when the Cash Out symbol and coins get involved. The Jackpots aren’t as big as many of the others, making the game not as worthwhile playing.

Power Of Sun: Svarog – Easter Edition (March, 2023)

Bringing in the Vikings makes things more serious and as a contrast to the other games, Power Of Sun: Svarog – Easter Edition feels like a breath of fresh air. The features are the same as the rest but there’s still something different about this one and it has nothing to do with being an Easter Edition.

RTP: 96.15%
Paylines: 243 ways
Multiplier: 5,000x

Loyal Infinity Features

Besides some cool graphics, there are other things to be happy about. Cash Infinity and Sticky to Infinity aren’t new features by any means but as always they are both effective and appreciated. They are also loyal considering they will stay put while the other reels are spinning.

Buy Bonus

I’m a big believer in the Buy Bonus feature and it’s a shame most games don’t have it. I understand of course why that might not be preferred by the providers standpoint but as a player, I want to se it.

Grand Jackpot is 5,000x

The Grand Jackpot is bigger in this game than in many of the others, which is great. If you want a shot at it you’ll have to land at least 6 bonus symbols in order to activate it.

During the bonus game, the cash prizes range from 1x-15x which isn’t bad. In terms of the other Jackpots, there’s the Minor (20x), Major (50x) and the Svarog (1,000x).


Here’s a game I’ll definitely come back to again. Power Of Sun: Svarog – Easter Edition is exciting and true to its name, it feels like it has a lot of power. As mentioned, the features are the same as in most of the other Wazdan games but I’d much rather spend my time on this one.

New Wazdan Slots 2022

Wazdan has been on top form this year and has released a few incredible slots, some of which have already received award nominations. The team at Wazdan Games has done an outstanding job of releasing excellent games almost monthly throughout 2021 and 2022, and they seem to just keep on going. The quality of their newest games is astounding and seems to just get better with time.

Here are some of the latest slot releases from Wazdan Games:

1. Sizzling Kingdom™: Bison

Sizzling Kingdom™: Bison is a brand spanking new slot from Wazdan that plays off in a humid jungle, full of greenery and wild animals where the mighty beast bison is on guard.

It has a 6 x 4 playing field with 10 pay lines and an RTP of 96.12% but what makes this slot quite spectacular is the endless bonus games and features that could see you win up to x5000 your bet.

Bets range from 0.10 – 10000 and features include Hold the Jackpot, Wild Rampage, Free Spins, Collect to Infinity™, Hold & Collect™, Wild, Scatter, and a Buy Feature.

And, I really like how the wild animals move their heads back and forth during gameplay as if they’re trying to find any sense of weakness.

Sizzling Kingdom™: Bison Slot Features

The premium symbols (wild animals) pay between 2 – 30x your stake for 6 of a kind and the wild (Bison) can appear in 4 different sizes, helping you to get a winning combination. And, true to Wazdan style, you can choose your required volatility and the game speed from 3 different settings.

If you manage to land two full-reel Wilds, anywhere on the grid, the Wild Rampage feature is triggered, giving you 3 re-spins, but that’s not all. The triggering wilds are sticky which means that if you land these sticky wilds, the respin tally is reset to 3 again, and so on.

The feature ends when you run out of re-spins or when you manage to fill the entire grid with wilds (of any kind), which will then get you the Grand Jackpot!

Besides the bonus symbols, you’ll also find Cash Rain™, Mystery, and Collector appear on the top row and Gallop Level Up, Cash, Countdown Booster, and Collect to Infinity on the bottom reels.

  • Cash symbols take a random value of between 1 – 10x your bet
  • Collector will take a random countdown value, also between 1 – 10
  • Cash Rain™ adds 4 Cash symbols to the reel below
  • Mystery symbols can transform into Level Up symbols, Collector, Cash, and Cash Rain
  • The Gallop symbol has a random multiplier of up to x10
  • Level Up symbols increase the Grand Jackpot by 1 – 4 levels, to become a Cash symbol with a multiplier, once the Jackpot has been increased.

There are 4 Grand Jackpots (in four levels) in ScreenSizzling Kingdom™: Bison that can be triggered by collecting all 30 Bonus symbols of any type, filling the grid, and essentially giving you a maximum of 5000x your bet, depending on the level.

Game released: August 2022

RTP (Return To Player): 96.12%

Variance/Volatility: Adjustable (Low, Medium, or High)

Reels / Lines: 6 x 10

Max Win: 5,000x bet

Game features: Hold the Jackpot, Wild Rampage, Free Spins, Collect to Infinity™, Hold & Collect™, Wild, Scatter, Buy Feature

2. 9 Coins™

Wazdan has kept the trademark office busy yet again and has recently released another trademarked game to their ever-growing list. 9 Coins™ comes with a subtitle – Cash Infinity™ – which does have quite a nice ring to it but if you’re imagining an infinite amount of cash coming your way, you might be disappointed because this phrase refers to a feature that requires a cash symbol to remain in place until the bonus triggers.

This feature will however come in quite handy because you can not win anything in the base game in terms of cash which means that the sole purpose of the game is to trigger the bonus round in the base game.

So, in short, you’ll need to trigger the Hold the Jackpot feature if you’re hoping for any payouts. The re-spin style bonus comes with mystery symbols, jackpots, multiplier symbols, and a collector and if you manage to fill the grid, it’ll pay a hard-capped 500x your bet.

9 Coins™ Slot Features

Essentially you should aim at landing 3 symbols in the middle row because this triggers the Hold the Jackpot Bonus. The Cash Infinity™ symbol might help you achieve this because it’s a cash symbol that becomes sticky until the bonus round triggers.

There are regular cash symbols that award you 1 – 5x your bet but the Cash Infinity™ symbols give you much more by awarding prizes of 5 – 10x your stake.

On the 3 x 3 Hold the Jackpot grid, all symbols become sticky resulting in 3 respins to start with but every time you land a new symbol, the tally is reset and you get 3 respins again.

There are 3 jackpot symbols – Mini, Minor, and Major – paying pit 10x, 20x, and 50x, your stake and a treasure chest collector symbol that accumulates all the values from the cash and Cash Infinity™ symbols before it multiplies the amount randomly by 1 – 9x.

There is also a Mystery symbol, that can transform into any other symbol (except for the Cash Infinity™ symbol), and if you land the Jackpot Mystery symbol, it will always reveal 1 of 3 jackpots.

The Hold the Jackpot round ends when you have run out of respins or when all 9 positions on the grid are filled with symbols of a kind. This will then award you with the Grand Jackpot of 500x but your previous winnings will be nullified because the max 500x is hard-capped.

As mentioned, there is also a Bonus Buy menu, with 4 options:

  • Low volatility – pay 50x your stake for 2 triggering cash coins and 1 Cash Infinity™ coin.
  • Standard volatility – pay 75x your stake for 1 cash coin, 1 Cash Infinity™ coin, and 1 mystery symbol.
  • High volatility – pay 100x your stake for 2 Cash Infinity™ coins and 1 mystery symbol.
  • Extreme volatility – pay 150x your stake for 2 Cash Infinity™ coins, 1 mystery symbol, and 1 jackpot mystery symbol.

Game released: July 2022

RTP (Return To Player): 96.06%

Variance/Volatility: Adjustable (Low, Standard, High, or Extreme)

Reels / Ways to Win: 9 x 0

Max Win: 500x bet (hard capped)

Game features: Cash Infinity™, Hold the Jackpot, Gamble Feature, Buy Feature

3. Power of Gods™: Valhalla

Wazdan has already made four Power of Gods™ slots that include themes inspired by Egypt, The Pantheon, Hades, and Medusa so it comes as no surprise that they’ve recently included a Scandanavian-themed addition to this series.

This series is known for high-quality graphics, decent RTP, big rewards, and really good features and I’m sure this newest addition will not be any different.

The game has 16 reels and what makes it quite interesting is the Pay Anywhere system that uses matching symbols anywhere on the grid to trigger a payout. The top jackpot prize is 2,145x your stake, the RTP is decent at 96.23% and the game has a number of features that include Bonus symbols, a Wild, and Hold the Jackpot respins.

Power of Gods™: Valhalla Slot Features

There are 4 premium Norse symbols – Thor, Freya, Heimdall, and Odin that pay 40 – 200x your stake if you land 16 symbols anywhere on the reels. The wild is Thor’s hammer, which helps to complete winning combinations by stepping in to act as any regular symbol that can appear anywhere.

To trigger the Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game, you’ll need to land 6 or more bonus symbols but if you land 3 – 5 bonus symbols, they become sticky for one spin, helping you to land more to trigger this special feature.

Like in most Wazdan slots, the triggering bonus symbols become sticky, giving you 3 respins, and every time a new required symbol lands on the reels, the respins are reset to 3 until you eventually either run out of respins (which will end the feature) or fill the grid with any kind of symbols.

The bonus symbols are as follows:

  • Cash symbols – come with random prizes of 1x-10x, 12x, or 15x your stake.
  • Major jackpot symbol (red w/ golden hammer) – pays 150x your stake.
  • Minor jackpot symbol (green w/ golden hammer) – pays 50x your stake.
  • Mini jackpot symbol (brown w/ golden hammer) – pays 20x your stake.

If you do manage to fill the entire grid with symbols, you’ll win the Grand Jackpot of 1000x your stake but you’ll also get paid the sum of your sticky bonus up to a hard-capped total of 2,145x your stake.

And, again, players can buy bonus rounds from the Bonus Buy menu:

  • Standard volatility – pay 70x your stake for 6 starting sticky cash coin bonus symbols.
  • High volatility – pay 150x your stake for the same as standard + 2 random symbols (these can become jackpot symbols or cash coins).
  • Extreme volatility – pay 300x your stake for the same as standard + 4 random symbols.

Game released: June 2022

RTP (Return To Player): 96.23%

Variance/Volatility: Adjustable (Standard, High, or Extreme)

Reels / Lines: 16 / 0

Max Win: 2,145x bet (hard capped)

Game features: Hold the Jackpot Bonus, Wild, Gamble Feature, Buy Feature

Most Popular Wazdan Slots

Here are some of the most popular Wazdan slots introduced.

1. 9 Lions

9 Lions is probably one of Wazdan’s most celebrated slots ever made. This mythical Eastern-themed slot was also the winner of the G2E Asia Hot Product Award in 2018, shortly after its release, and it has stayed a popular game ever since.

This slot features 2 unique bonus games that can be triggered, and I love the design of the reels. Only 3 reels and 3 rows are present, but don’t let that fool you because even though there are only 3 reels, there is loads of action happening on them.

Winning combos are formed by landing 4 identical symbols on any position on the reels, so all symbols are essentially also Scatters. The only exception would be the Dragon symbol, as you’ll only need 3 of these to land a win. But don’t get too excited. The Dragon is the lowest-paying symbol, but it does, however, trigger an awesome feature game – but we’ll get there soon.

We’re playing with sticky symbols, too in this slot, and in this case, all symbols are sticky. When your winning combination has been paid out for the spin, the reels will automatically lock the highest-paying symbols, which will then remain on the reels for your next spin. This gives you quite the advantage, I must say, and it also helps to trigger the feature games.

To the right side of the reels, there are 2 sections, the top one relates to the Lions Bonus Game, and the one below to the Dragons Bonus Game. Let’s start with the Lions Bonus.

Lions Bonus

The block at the top-right beside the reels represents the Lions Bonus. This block is designed to imitate the main reels, with a 3×3 grid. Whenever you land a Lion symbol on the reels, it will be added to the corresponding position on the small set of reels in the Lions Bonus grid.

Once this grid is full, the next combination of at least 3 Lion symbols on the reels will trigger the feature games, and the Lions Bonus with 9 free respins will begin. All the Lion symbols that triggered the feature will lock in their positions on the screen, and the other symbols will vanish to leave the empty spaces.

Once again, like a few of the other Wazdan Bonus games, you’ll have to try and fill the empty spaces with Lion symbols. But this time, you’ll receive 9 free spins to do it, but they won’t reset back to 9 after landing a symbol. This will give you the opportunity to fill the entire screen with the highest-paying Lion symbols, which will award a payout of 500x your bet.

Dragons Bonus

Landing 3 Dragon symbols on the center row will trigger this feature. You will then have the opportunity to pick 1 of 3 dragon eggs to reveal a credit win prize. There are 8 possible prizes, and each one is represented by a different color dragon.

Overall, 9 Lions was a lot of fun to play, and it is such a well-designed slot. The graphics are eye-catching and very detailed. There is also a unique gamble feature that gives you a 50/50 chance of doubling your payout after every win. You also have the adjustable volatility, as well as the game pace settings and the Autospin function. Great slot, one of Wazdan’s best if you ask me.

Game released: September 2018

RTP (Return To Player): 96.59%

Variance/Volatility: Adjustable (Low, Medium, or High)

Layout: 3 x 3

Betting lines: 4-symbol scatter pays

Max Win: 1,000x bet

2. Magic Fruits Deluxe

Yes, that’s right, Wazdan makes fruit slots too. And for all those tutti frutti fans out there, this one is a winner. I personally, am not a big fruit slot player, but I do have a few favorites in this genre, and Magic Fruits Deluxe might just earn a spot on my list. Let’s check it out.

The key to creating a good fruit slot is to keep it simple but engaging and fairly entertaining at the same time, in my opinion, at least. So we have 3 reels, 3 rows, and 5 paylines in this slot, which means the ‘simple’ part is taken care of. You need to land 3 symbols on a winning payline to bag the win, and there are 9 paying symbols in the game.

The game controls are below the reels with all the best adjustments, spin button, Autospin, adjustable volatility settings, and game pace settings. To add to that, I tried the game out on Ultra Fast Speed mode in autoplay, and I’ve never seen reels move that quick in my life. Honestly, if you like a fast-paced game, then just try and keep up with this one – it’s lightning-fast! But you also have the normal setting for those who like to keep things relaxed.

There is also a menu bar in the bottom left corner with features such as the Ultra Lite Mode, Energy Saving Mode, Big Screen Mode, and the option to use your spacebar as the spin button, among others.

There’s a nice little bonus that could see you getting bigger wins too. The 4 lowest-paying symbols could appear with a Joker tag like the winning combination in the image above. A combination of symbols with this tag is the highest paying combination in the game, and it doesn’t matter which symbols they are, as the image clearly depicts.

This fruit slot from Wazdan is one of their top games, and I must say, I certainly enjoyed playing it. My eyes kept scanning for those Joker tags on the symbols, and this kept me entertained for quite some time.

Game released: December 2017

RTP (Return To Player): 96.41%

Variance/Volatility: Adjustable (Low, Medium, or High)

Layout: 3 x 3

Betting lines: 5

Max Win: 40x bet

3. Sun of fortune

Now, Sun of Fortune.  I remember when this slot came out in April, I think I may have played it within the first 2 days of its release at one of our supported casinos because I remember there being quite a bit of hype around this game.

Here’s another slot from Wazdan with a mythical theme, also Eastern, and to be honest, it kind of reminds me of Fortune reels but certainly differs when it comes to most of the game’s mechanics. Wazdan has a knack for creating these mythical slots, it’s their specialty, and they do it well.

Okay, so the game is played on a 4×4 reel grid, and I guess you could say there are 16 reels, as winning combos are formed by landing at least 8 identical symbols anywhere on the grid, so basically, half the grid must be filled with the same symbol to bag a win. This may sound difficult at first, but it works, and the symbols appear stacked on the reels in some cases, which makes it a little easier to form the combos.

The Wild symbol will substitute for all the other symbols except for the Bonus symbols, which come in the form of a fiery Sun symbol displaying a credit win value of 1x – 10x, 12x, or 15x your bet, or it could display one of 3 jackpots. If you land 3, 4, or 5 of these symbols in the base game, they will lock in their position and reward 1 free respin. This is very beneficial when you’re looking to trigger the Hold the Jackpot Bonus because 6 of these symbols scattered on the reels will trigger the feature.

By now, you already know how the Hold the Jackpot Bonus works. When the feature is triggered, all the Sun symbols will lock in their positions while all other symbols disappear. You will then receive 3 free respins to fill the positions with more Sun symbols. Every Sun that lands in an empty space will reset your respins back to 3. If one of the jackpot symbols lands, the jackpot is yours, and if you fill the entire grid with symbols, then you’ve won the Grand jackpot of 1,000x your bet.

Sun of Fortune also has a unique gamble feature where you can double your payout with a 50/50 chance by selecting 1 of 2 stars. Pick the wrong one, and your payout is lost, pick right, and ching-ching, baby! Double the money is coming your way.

This was a fun slot to review and I must say, I ended up playing it a lot longer than I really needed to for this review. Sun of Fortune also includes many of the Wazdan features, with both Big Screen Mode and Full Screen Mode, Energy Saving, and the adjustable volatility settings.

Game released: April 2021

RTP (Return To Player): 96.15%

Variance/Volatility: Adjustable (Low, Medium, or High)

Layout: 4 x 4

Betting lines: 8-symbol scatter pays

Max Win: 1,450x bet

4. Lucky Reels™

Lucky Reels™ is a slot game with a classic fruit slots theme and a bit more special 6 x 3 grid layout. The general feeling is anyway quite modern with cool synthwave-style pop soundtrack and modern animated fruit symbols.

There are 6 basic symbols, Scatter symbol, Wild symbol and 4 Variable Win Multiplier symbols. If you happen to get 3 or more Scatter symbols, you will trigger a Bonus Game with free spins.

  • 3 Scatter symbols will award you 15 free spins.
  • 4 Scatters = 20 free spins.
  • 5 Scatters = 25 free spins.
  • 6 Scatters = 30 free spins.

The Variable Win Multipliers (like x2, x4 etc.) stay on until you get a lower Multiplier symbol once again (like x1). Only one Variable Win Multiplier can be drawn per spin.

Game released: June 2019
RTP (Return to player): 96.6%
Variance: Can be set to Low, Standard or High
Layout: 6 x 3
Betting lines: 20 (fixed)

5. Great Book of Magic Deluxe

Great Book of Magic Deluxe is a Wizard-themed slot game with a standard 5 x 3 slot board and 20 betting lines.

There is also a Bonus Game. If you get 3 or more Scatter symbols, you will trigger 10 Bonus Free Spins. The Scatter symbol also works as a Wild symbol in the regular game.

  • In the free spins, a Scatter symbol substitutes any other symbol except Bonus symbol.
  • Before the free spins, a Bonus symbol is randomly selected from the regular symbols.
  • The Bonus symbol may expand on the whole reel. I couldn’t find info if this is just a random event or not. But in my tests the expansion happened one time during two bonus game rounds.

Game released: Jun 2018
RTP (Return to player): 96.47%
Variance: Can be set to Low, Standard or High
Layout: 5 x 3
Betting lines: 20

6. Black Hawk Deluxe

Black Hawk Deluxe is a fantasy themed slot game with castles, skeletons and other scary fantasy creatures.

The slot board consists of 4 x 3 layout. However the 54 possible winning lines are located on the 3 x 3 section on the left and the same 3 x 3 section on the right. So the maximum combination to get a big win is only 3 times the same symbol.

There is also a Wild symbol that substitutes any other symbol.

In my tests I found the feeling of this slot game quite good with spooky ambient soundtrack and walking skeleton animations. But the game is missing some unique features as there are no bonus games at all. If you are looking for a basic slot game with fantasy theme, this could be a good choice. But for my taste I would pick some other game with better bonus games and more interesting game mechanic.

A positive thing is the huge amount of betting lines (54). If you happen to get a good combination of Wild symbols, the amount of individual wins can be massive.

Game released: Aug 2018
RTP (Return to player): 96.47%
Variance: Can be set to Low, Standard or High
Layout: 4 x 3
Betting lines: 54

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What is Wazdan?

Wazdan is a game provider that develops cutting edge products for the past 10 years.

What games does Wazdan have?

Wazdan develops slots, video poker, casino games such as Black Jack, Roulette and Caribbean Beach Poker and Speciality games such as Sic Bo Dragons and Extra Bingo.

What is the most popular Wazdan slot?

9 Lions is probably one of Wazdan’s most celebrated slots ever made. This mythical Eastern-themed slot was also the winner of the G2E Asia Hot Product Award in 2018 shortly after its release, and it has stayed a popular game ever since.

Final thoughts

This was our article about Wazdan game provider slots. Feel free to send mail, write a message via the contact form or write your comments or suggestions here!

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